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This is where you can view or enter information in real time on your collection accounts, request reports, or give us general instructions on your files as a group.

Notice to ALL users (11/7/2016):

We have upgraded our client login software. The software has been completely updated, and no longer requires a software download. This new software has a new format for logins, so the old login credentials could not be transferred. Please contact your account mananger to set up a new user account. If you are a new user, you will need to have your account set up the first time.

Log into Bilateral's new site here

There is also a legacy login to the old system, which now requires a VPN to connect. Only use the links below if you have a VPN connection to Bilateral's system, and have been instructed to use the legacy system.

Legacy Log into Bilateral here (white background)

Legacy Log into Bilateral here (blue background)

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